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Why Choose Detailing Cape Cod?

1.) Experience: Over 20 years of detailing expertise

2.) Training: Continued training & certification to stay on top of the latest technology and methods.

3.) CD-SV: Certified Detailer – Skills Verified accredited by the International Detailing Association

At Detailing Cape Cod we’re committed to delivering exceptional value and service to our clients.

We offer everything from interior and exterior detailing; to XPEL paint protection film, tint, and ceramic coatings.

So if you just bought a new vehicle and want the very best protection, or if you want to love your ride again, then you need to contact us today.

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Paint Protection Film

Prevents Rock Chips and Scratches


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Ceramic Coatings

Never Wax Again Unmatched Gloss

XPEL Fusion

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Window Tinting

Look Cool & Stay Cool with Prime XR

Prime XR Tint

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auto detailing

Auto Detailing

Professional Interior & Exterior Detailing

Auto Detailing

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Most frequent questions and answers
The price of a detail depends entirely on the condition of the vehicle and the service you’re interested in. We’re happy to discuss your options and give you a good, better, best option if you’d like. For more information about auto detailing please click here.
The cost of a ceramic coating depends entirely on how much preparation the paint requires. Half of the work is in the prep and proper prep is what ensures a long lasting ceramic coating. As a reference a coating can range from 500 – 2,000 on average. For more information or to request your free quote then please click here

Here are some average times:

  • Detailing: Less than one day. * 2-8 hours depending on service.
  • Ceramic Coating: Typically 24 hours minimum. * Possibly longer depending on the level of paint correction required.
  • XPEL PPF: 1-2 days. * Possibly longer depending on condition & coverage options.
  • XPEL TINT: Less than one day. We prefer to have the vehicle dropped off in the morning & picked up end of day.
XPEL paint protection film is designed to protect your vehicles finish. It’s a virtually invisible physical layer of film that covers your clear coat to prevent rock chips, road rash, and chemicals from ruining your paint. It’s really meant for vehicles that are new or like new. Or to protect new paint work. I’ll add that XPEL paint protection film is HIGHLY recommended for vehicles that will see a lot of highway driving. For more information about XPEL Paint Protection Film Click Here
Both! Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a thick virtually invisible urethane material typically installed on the front end and high impact areas of a vehicle designed to protect the paint from rock chips, scratches, and road rash. Whereas ceramic coatings are a liquid polymer applied to all surfaces to create a semi-permanent bond that won’t wash away, protects the paint, adds gloss, and makes maintenance easier because of it’s hydrophobic self cleaning properties. XPEL Paint Protection Film Ceramic Coating


Click here to purchase a gift certificate online. These can be applied to any service and make a great gift for anyone. 

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